Sunday, December 2, 2012


I felt helpless during the Sandy induced mayhem.  I wanted to do more than send a mere text or e-mail expressing my condolences.  After all, what could a simple message do to help my friends and family who were watching their lives wash away?

Upon thinking of people I knew that were hit the hardest by Sandy, I had a terrible realization that two very close people to me could have been in danger.  Since I met my best friend Jake in the 5th grade, his grandparents, Granny and Zadie as we call them, have been my like a 3rd set of grandparents to me.  Whether it was spoiling me on my birthday, telling stories, or giving me wise advice, Granny and Zadie have been like family to me.

Living on the Jersey Shore though, I was really worried about them.  After all, they are grandparents so they couldn’t take necessary precautions to board up their house to brace it for the storm.  They were able to evacuate in time to their son’s house on the mainland, but their house was left in ruins.

I wish I had been able to help them pack as much as they could, secure their house, or something to help suppress the damage.  I know the most important in thing is their health, but I still feel bad that I couldn’t do anything to help them during the storm.

Unfortunately Granny and Zadie are not the only ones suffering from the aftermath of super-storm Sandy. You can still make a difference in the lives of people just like Granny and Zadie.  Thank you very much for all of your support.

#COMM30Sandy is an online class project for the Media & Society class at Lehigh University, taught by professor Jeremy Littau. You can donate to our campaign at this link, and for more information you can email Prof. Littau at

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